A New Technology That Will Transform The Eye Care Industry.

Bionic Contact Lenses

The wearable technology industry has been booming in recent years, with things like smart watches and smart bands. Today, there are a large number of wearable products that push the boundaries of science and technology.

Now there is a new wearable technology that’s going to change things in the health care industry. It is something known as bionic contact lenses, contact lenses that will replace the need for glasses and contact lenses. With bionic contact lenses people will be able to see above 20/20 vision. There still needs to be some clinical trials done, but that will be happening in the coming years. Even at an old age people will be able to have great vision by using bionic contact lenses.

Who Invented Bionic Contact Lenses?

An optometrist from British Columbia Canada by the name of Dr.Garth Webb invented the bionic contact lenses. According to Dr.Garth Webb bionic lens will replace the need for patients to use driving glasses, progressive lenses and contact lenses. Dr.Garth Webb’s goal is to transform the eye-care industry. Dr.Garth Webb also stated that people who have bionic contact lenses would never get cataracts, the reason being that natural lenses which decay over time would have been replaced.

With bionic contact lenses you can have great eyesight no matter how bad your eyes are. Bionic contact lenses are a good option for people who depend on corrective lenses, and provide a more sustainable solution. According to Dr.Garth Webb “This is vision enhancement that the world has never seen before, and if you can just barely see an object at 10 feet, then when you get the bionic lens you can see the object at 30 feet away”

Could Bionic Contact Lenses be the future of the eye care industry?

Well to be honest we’re not sure, in theory this works but according to reports it still has to go through clinical trials. Not to mention the costs of bringing this to the consumer market. Will consumers be willing to pay more? Or will they settle for cheaper options that are already ready available? Until there are answers to these questions you can be sure that Mountain Eye Care will take care of all eye care needs.