The CastAR Augmented Reality Glasses


castAR Smart Glasses

If you are tech savvy and interested in gathering details about the forthcoming innovations, you should know about CastAR Smart Glasses.

Right from the period when Google launched their Google Glass project, the authenticity of wearable eye wear looks to be unavoidable among tech savvies. Right from this move by Google, developers from around the globe have been trying to beat Google Glass by making their own smart glasses.

A mile extra:

Apart from just being able to take video or photo, smart glasses can go a mile extra with their capabilities like ability to integrate augmented reality with the user, showing the user live information during their activities, manipulation of 3d objects with ease and the list goes on and on. Scroll down below to find out some details about the CAST AR Smart glasses.

What is CastAR comprised of?

These CastAR smart glasses is actually made up of two things , the first being the pair of glasses and the second being the surface for the glass to scan. You can scan the surrounding areas with the camera in the middle of the glasses. The glasses can adjust accordingly to project images all through the pair of micro-projectors installed on the top of the frames. You no longer have to hold a screen anymore and need not have to point it at an AR object. All you have to do is to just wear the glasses and the augmented world will be right in front of you. This is an excellent attempt made by the creators for bridging the gap between the physical and virtual world. The bonus component known as Magic Wand makes these glasses unique as compared to its competitors.