eye exams hamilton
eye test hamilton
eye tests hamilton

Eye Tests in Hamilton.

Mountain Eye Care uses only the highest quality and latest technology when we test our patient’s eyes. This very current and effective technology is crucial in determining a patient’s prescription, as well as targeting any early onset eye diseases, and treating those diseases with positive results. Our eye tests in Hamilton at Mountain Eye Care are done thoroughly with the most care, and we take the time during the procedure to inform our patients about eye care options and recommendations on the proper treatment process for your specific eyes and vision.

Your eye test in Hamilton at Mountain Eye Care, will be conducted in the following ways:

1. We will do a background exam on you and discuss your ocular history to determine if you have any history of eye care issues.
2. We will talk to you about the everyday environment your eyes are in at work, home, and extracurriculars.
3. We will examine your eyes visual insight, which includes focus strength, depth perception, peripheral vision, color vision and the curvature and corneal dimensions of your eyes.
4. We will perform a test to see how your eyes work together, called a binocular vision test.
5. Testing on how your eyes focus.
6. We will provide the patient with a procedure to test your vision, and if needed, prescribe you with glasses, contact lenses, or recommended laser eye correction
7. Mountain Eye Care Hamilton will examine the inner and outer complexity of the eyes.
8. We will take digital photos of your retinas to detect any diseases that could be developing in the back of your eyes.
9. We will provide you with a detailed report card of your eye’s health, and your eye tests Hamilton Optometrist will discuss with you any further procedures or options that are available to you.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to have your eye tests Hamilton completed at Mountain Eye Care, please feel free to call us or send us a message by using the contact form on our website.