Lenses That Are Right For Hamilton Residents

Mountain Eye Care offers our Hamilton residents the highest quality eyewear selections of frames and lenses. Our lenses Hamilton are crafted with company standards the surpass our competition. We understand how important it is to receive the best quality customer care while you select the right lenses for you in Hamilton, and we pride ourselves on delivering the best of both worlds to our clients. We are also always looking to help our clients save money on their eyewear products because we know how pricey it can be for products in this industry.

Types of Lenses Hamilton.

Everybody’s eyes are different. This is why Mountain Eye Care Hamilton can provide you with tailored lenses that suit your specific vision needs. After we discuss with you about your need for prescription glasses, we will ask you about your lifestyle so we can gage what kind of lenses will work best for you. We have provided some of the different types of lenses we can provide you.

Single Vision Lenses: Used for one type of sight which could be near, far or intermediate.
Progressive Lenses: These lenses hamilton prevent you from having to take your glasses off when you switch tasks. You can wear them in any situation.
Bifocal Lenses: “Bi” meaning two, these lenses allow you to see both near and far with no transition in between.
Active Lenses: These lenses are a lot more durable than standard plastic lenses. They keep out more harmful UV rays from the sun and have a heartier amount of impact protection for people with active lifestyles.
High Index Lenses: These lenses Hamilton are ideal for people with stronger prescriptions. However, they do not include the bulkiness in the lens. They also protect you from harmful UV sun rays.
Plastic Lenses: We can provide standard plastic lenses for your glasses that has a protective coating on them to shield your eyes from the sun’s UV rays.
Contact Lenses: Mountain Eye Care Hamilton offers our clients the option of contact lenses. If you are not the type of person that likes to wear glasses on your face all the time, contact lenses are a good alternative. We have Acuvue, Proclear, Air Optix and more available for contact lenses. Also, you can ask us about Bionic lenses and contact lenses for kids.

The eye care professionals at Mountain Eye Care are here to answer any of your questions regarding which type of lenses will suit you, and if contact lenses are an option for you. Feel free to make an appointment with us to have your eyes checked so you can get the best lenses Hamilton that work for not just your vision, but your lifestyle and fashion style.