A Skyrim player uses a circular tread mill pad, an Occulus rift head set, and a wii remote that allows him to enjoy a virtual simulated skyrim experience.

Forget 3D glasses and 3D television sets, the future is in VR headsets that allow gamers to really get into the game. The Occulus rift has received a lot of buzz in recent years and soon it will be out in full force for commercial use. There are already reports for many 1st person shooter games that will support this innovative piece of hardware, halo 5 guardians being one of them for the xbox one. I can just imagine now the feeling of blasting my enemies with the fuel rod canon, while using the headset.

RPG Gamers will get the most out of this Eyewear headset

Role playing video games allow the player to take control of their character and make full decisions for that character in the world the video game is set in. Virtual reality headsets will allow for an even more profound in game experience. You will go inside the character and see the video game world from a first person point of view. As you can see from the video above it would be pretty AWESOME!

Whats next after virtual reality eyewear tech?

Perhaps a virtual reality transporter that can send your physical body to a virtual land scape, no one really knows we will have to wait and see. But for now rpg gamers everywhere will soon have another way to fully immerse themselves in the roleplaying video games that they play.