Actor Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 wears custom made Tom Ford Snowdon sunglasses in the Spectre film

With the release of the new Bond movie comes the release of a new pair of eye glasses for avid James bond Fans!

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So now that the spectre film was released fans are as excited as ever. To add to that excitement tom ford has released a custom pair of eyeglasses for fans of the franchise. That’s what in addition to the fast cars, gadgets, clothes, and gorgeous women, fans can now get their hands on a pair of custom made tom ford eyeglasses from the 007 spectre film. At mountain eye care we know fashion and we are all about our eyeglasses. It should be no surprise to anyone that we would feature the 007 spectre sunglasses on our website. James bond can be seen rocking these shades in scenes of the film, these eyeglasses are handmade in Italy and are designed in that classic shape made of thick acetate.

In the film James bond is wearing the glossy “Black on Dark Tortoise” colorway, but he is not wearing the default standard grey gradient lenses. He instead is wearing the frame with solid brown lenses (which are custom fitted lenses).

So for a limited time while supplies last you can to buy the Tom Ford Snowdon custom sunglasses: which is the black on dark tortoise colorway, customized with dark brown lenses. In addition in true Bond spirit, the premium lenses are also polarized to eliminate any reflective glare, as we can’t imagine him wearing anything but the best.