Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal Lenses

If you have prescriptions for multiple vision problems with near sight and far sight, and you are currently wearing two different types of eyeglasses to accommodate this, then you could really benefit from getting bifocal lenses in Hamilton from Mountain Eye Care. Mountain Eye Care is Hamilton’s number one choice for designer frames, premium lenses, and state of the art contact lenses that you can get online or in our store, and we utilize the most current technologies including HRT, pachymetry and visual field tests, to help us provide the best patient care possible. Bifocal vision means a person needs two separate prescriptions, one to see clearly at a distance and a different one to see up close. The person is both nearsighted and farsighted. Bifocal lenses in Hamilton from Mountain Eye Care can replace your multiple pairs of eyeglasses with just one pair; no more switching back and forth depending on your vision needs. Continue reading this post if you would like some more information about bifocal lenses in Hamilton.

How can I tell if it is time for me to get bifocal lenses in Hamilton?
As they age, people often find it increasingly difficult to read or focus on things that are close to them. This is due to a vision condition called presbyopia, a natural part of the aging process that happens to most people. Presbyopia is a loss of flexibility, or hardening, of the eye lens. It happens gradually, over a period of many years. It is not a disease and cannot be prevented or cured. Symptoms become noticeable to people in their early to mid forties.

Bifocal lenses in Hamilton for eyeglasses combine two prescriptions into a single pair of glasses. The top part of the lens addresses problems with distance vision, and the lower part is formulated to correct vision for close-up focus. The section of the lens for close-up focus can represent half the lens area or a very small part of it, like a little circular bubble at the bottom of each lens.

Using bifocal lenses in Hamilton can take some getting used to. Some people experience dizziness or blurred vision. If this does not go away in a few days, it may indicate a problem with the glasses that needs adjustment by your doctor at Mountain Eye Care. Some self-training is necessary to adjust the head and eyes to the right angles, tilted slightly up for reading and slightly down for distance.

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