Myopia Control Treatment

Myopia, also known as “near-sightedness”, causes blurry vision in the distance. Today, this affects 1 in 3 children by the age of 13. By 2050, the current projection is that 5 billion people worldwide will be myopic. Myopia is the 6th leading cause of vision loss.

We have an opportunity to step in and reduce the natural progression in myopia in children. Some children come into our office and have their glasses prescription double year after year, with Myopia Control Treatment we can slow down and gain control of this progression, just as braces/orthodontics help to gain control of the teeth in an adolescent. This treatment lasts a few years, until there is no progression seen. After treatment is stopped, the patient will continue to be monitored and can be re-initiated if necessary, much like braces.

Treatment includes a variety of options including specialized eyeglass lenses that reduce progression by causing peripheral defocus while maintaining clear central vision, contact lenses and atrophine eye drops to slow the progression. Treatments can be combined to increase the overall effect.

If you would like more information regarding myopia control and the treatment options that are available please contact our office at 905-389-4201.