Coloured Contact Lenses

Looking for Coloured Contact Lenses?

Just because another Halloween season has passed us by, does not mean that we have to say goodbye to coloured contact lenses. Use of coloured contacts spikes during this spooky time of year, but that is not an indication that they should be put away with the end of October! Located in Hamilton, Mountain Eye Care carries a selection of coloured contact lenses so you can carry on using them throughout the entire year!

Continue to read through this post to learn why coloured contact lenses are a perfect fit year round!

Personal Expression

Mountain Eye Care carries a large selection of contact lens brands that cater to comfort and quality. Acuvue, Proclear, and Air Optix are just a few of the great brands we offer.

Wearing glasses and frames that reflect your personal expression and unique style is one of the nice things about eyewear. But if glasses are not a right fit for you and your lifestyle, don’t worry, contact lenses can reflect your personality all the same! By choosing coloured contact lenses with Mountain Eye Care, all of Hamilton will bear witness to your personal expression!

Visibility Tints

Visibility tinted contact lenses are only slightly coloured. They have a very light tint as a means to make it easier to see and find the lenses when you are inserting them into your eyes or taking them out. Using visibility tints will naturally enhance your current eye colour, so they are perfect to wear on any occasion.

Light Filtering Tints

Light filtering tints are the contact lenses between the light colour of visibility tints and the vibrant colour change of opaque tints. These lenses are solid tints that can change the colour of lighter eyes, but not darker eye colours. For darker eyes, they can just intensify the current colour.

Opaque Tints

Opaque tinted contact lenses create the most dramatic effect when worn. If you order this type of coloured contact lenses from Mountain Eye Care, they can help drastically change your eye colour! This is the type you will need to change the eye colour entirely- whether it is from brown to blue, or blue to green- opaque tints are vibrant enough to produce any colour you want! Perfect for making your eyes pop with a new outfit or for any special occasion.

Voted the top eye care provider in the Hamilton area, Mountain Eye Care is the perfect place to pick up a new pair of coloured contact lenses!

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