IMG_0576Health Specialists Dedicated To Your Eye Sight

Your eyes are amazing and require regular care and attention to ensure they work at their optimum level. At Mountain Eye Care in Hamilton we use experienced optometrists and the latest optical technology to care for your family’s eyes and overall health.

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Our friendly optometric assistants will help you to settle into the eye care examination process and are on hand to help you choose your new frames and lenses.

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Eye Care Support for Children

Trust your child’s eye sight with our expert Hamilton team. For school-age children, several different visual skills must work together so they can see and understand clearly.  80 percent of learning depends on vision, so ensuring your child has good vision is crucial to successful learning.

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Check out your Glasses options in Hamilton

Mountain Eye Care Hamilton has a wide choice of eye wear to suit your lifestyle and budget, including brands like Michael Kors, Ray-Ban, Gucci, and Hugo Boss. We offer something to suit every need and every taste.

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Contact Lenses

Using state of the art technology results in almost anyone being able to wear contact lenses with ease and comfort. We have something suitable for every prescription and offer great options to help make the cost flexible.

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