Get Fitted For Progressive Lenses

Are you tired of flipping between multiple pairs of glasses for everyday living? Gone are the days of keeping track of numerous pairs of glasses for your different vision needs, as getting fitted for progressive lenses will see you with one, well-equipped pair for the perfect vision solution. To learn more about the benefits of progressive lenses, please keep reading below, before stopping by Mountain Eye Care to get fitted today!

Multiple Prescriptions, One Pair of Glasses

Progressive lenses provide the wearer with a gradual shift in prescriptions, as the lenses contain various strengths in one, allowing for total vision assistance with just one pair of glasses, for a variety of situations. Thanks to this technology, you can throw away your numerous other pairs of glasses, and substitute them all, for one pair of progressive lenses!

Stop Eye Fatigue Before It Starts

Gradual lenses allow the eyes to move more smoothly, and comfortably, between the different prescription strengths in the lenses, as opposed to bifocals, which create an abrupt separation between the two. Many people cannot adjust to the line created in bifocal and trifocal lenses, causing undue eye fatigue in the wearer, and contributing to the overall deterioration in their vision. Progressive lenses eliminate this visible line, and as a result stop eye fatigue and further vision loss from occurring, for an all-around advantage.

Modern Appearance

Eliminate that visible, pesky line that makes it a nuisance to concentrate, and tells everyone that you are wearing bifocal or trifocal glasses. Instead, choose progressive, and find frames that are modern and youthful, and give off no sign that they contain multiple prescription strengths in one. With progressive lenses, you have the freedom to find glasses that suit your style!

Get Fitted Today

Get fitted for progressive lenses at Mountain Eye Care today and reap the benefits for many years to come. Lessen the strain placed on your eyes, equip your eyes with the needed prescription strengths, and say goodbye to the use of multiple pairs of glasses with one stylish pair instead, all at the same time!

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