Healthy Eye Care – How To Achieve It


Our eyes play a major part in how a person perceives the world. The eyes can make a person happy, sad, scared, or angered based on how they perceive actions they see in the world. Healthy eyesight is essential for a person’s overall well-being. Neglecting or skipping on one’s eye care even for a short period can result in temporary or permanent damage. Even the smallest of issues or irritants can result in future problems to one’s eyesight.

The issues that arise with eyesight problems are not always a do or die situation. Discovery of methods of how to improve one’s eyesight have advanced with the advancement in technology and nutrients. Many eye conditions can present without symptoms making regularly scheduled checkups something to put on the calendar. However conditions ranging from farsightedness, shortsightedness, and blindness cannot be cured or remedied with treatments.

Some of the symptoms associated with low eyesight are :

  1. Hazy vision
  2. Swollen red eyes
  3. Blurred vision
  4. Loss of central vision
  5. Itching, burning or gooey discharge
  6. Night blindness

One of the best ways to improve or maintain your current eye sight is by starting with a good healthy diet. Diets filled with these essential nutrients are a must for proper eye health.

  1. Omega-3 fatty acids commonly found in fish, flax seed, and krill oil.
  2. Vitamin E commonly found in almonds, peanut butter.
  3. Vitamin A commonly found in carrots, mangoes, and sweet potatoes.
  4. Vitamin C commonly found in oranges and broccoli

Being that your eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in our bodies, it is important to overall health to take care of our eyes. Adding the above nutrients into your diet can be extremely beneficial.

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