How Do Sunglasses Protect My Eyes?

In modern society, we have a far greater understanding of the risks of going out into the sun unprotected. We place sunscreen on our skin to protect our bodies from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun, to stop sunburns from occurring, and lower the risk of developing cancer. But what about our eyes? Unprotected exposure to UV rays are just as bad for our eyes, as it is for our skin. That’s why it is essential to wear sunglasses while outside, no matter the season. With this in mind, those wondering how DO sunglasses protect my eyes, we here at Mountain Eye Care have written this article to discuss the importance of wearing sunglasses.

Ultraviolet Rays

Ultraviolet radiations from the sun’s rays are invisible to the human eye, but that does not make these rays any less harmful. There are three categories of UV radiation, with the highest energy and the most harmful being UVC. For the most part, the atmosphere’s ozone layer blocks these rays from reaching earth, nullifying its effects. UVB rays are the next potent energy wavelength and are what cause suntans and burns, increasing the risk of skin cancer and are associated with numerous eye problems, such as pinguecula and pterygium. UVA rays are the last category and possess wavelengths that can easily pass through the human cornea, causing damage to the retina and resulting in cataracts and other retinal issues.

Protect Against Vision Loss

Extended exposure of the eyes to harmful UV rays is known to cause the development of significant eye problems. Almost 20% of Cataract cases (the clouding of the lens of the eye resulting in vision loss) stem from extended UV exposure, specifically UVA. Sunglasses can also protect against the development of macular degeneration, a condition involving retinal damage that destroys central vision and is the leading cause of blindness in North America.

The Perfect Pair

When choosing the right pair of sunglasses this season, consider buying a pair that block out 99 to 100% of UV radiation. Wraparound sunglasses are a great choice to protect your eyes as they offer close-fitting shades that provide the best protection from the sun from all sides. Make sure you never leave home without your new sunglasses, and wear them even on cloudy days, as UV rays can penetrate clouds and still cause damage to the eyes.

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With all of this information in mind, you can see how sunglasses protect your eyes from the development of eye conditions that cause vision loss and other health issues. To find a quality pair of sunglasses that can protect your eyes throughout the year, visit us at Mountain Eye Care today!

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