How to properly clean your glasses

How to properly clean your glasses

Tired of cleaning your eyeglasses three times per day? Your relationship with your glasses is just like any other: you have to give it some love and care for it to last. Cleaning your eyeglasses is a daily ritual. While we tend to use whatever is handy to clean them, some habits may not be as useful as we think. At Mountain Eye Care, we don’t just supply our patients with high-end glasses, sunglasses, and eye exams, but we also supply them with informative content about vision health and the optometry industry. In this blog, we talk about a few ways that you can properly clean your glasses. 

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Wash your hands 

Remember what your parents would tell you right before dinner? Make them proud and start your cleaning ritual by washing your hands! Make sure to use cool or warm water with a little bit of Dawn dishwashing liquid or mild soap. Ensure that the tap water is lukewarm, hot water could damage the coating or warp the lenses. If you wouldn’t bathe a newborn in it, it’s too hot!

Rinse your glasses 

While you’re rinsing your hands, grab your glasses and give them a little rinse under a gentle stream of water. Dab a tiny amount of Dawn dish detergent on both the front and back side of each lens. Rub both sides of your lenses for a minute and give the frame a little cleaning too; don’t forget the nose pad! The inside (nasal) edge of the eyeglass lenses, where they meet the bridge of the frame, is a prime spot for collecting sweat and oil. Make sure to give this area some extra love.

Dry your glasses with a clean cloth 

Remove the majority of the water from the lenses and frame by patting dry. Use a clean, fresh out of the dryer cotton towel that has not come into contact with fabric softener or dryer sheets. You want to ensure that there’s no debris that could scratch your lenses. You may notice small amounts of water working their way out of the hinges or the groove between the frame and lens. This is nothing to be concerned about and can be dabbed off with your lens cloth. The lenses may even “squeak” in the frames for a few hours until any remaining traces of water evaporate.

Clean your lenses 

After patting dry, finish the lenses with the microfiber cloth and a little bit of moisture with either a commercially available lens cleaner labelled “safe for coated lenses” or simply breathe softly into each lens. Make sure the lenses aren’t dry when you’re cleaning them to prevent dirt or debris from being dragged across the surface.

Knowing how to clean your glasses correctly can help them last longer and ensure that they perform the function they’re there for, keeping your vision crystal clear. If you are looking for more information about how to clean your glasses or where you can find a large selection of glasses, then Mountain Eye Care is the place for you. Click here to find our contact information or to speak with a representative.