I Need An Optometrist For My Kids

If you are in need of an optometrist for your kids, then consider visiting Mountain Eye Care to ensure your child gets the quality care they deserve. All of our eye doctors have extensive experience working with patients of all ages, providing top-of-the-line services and vision-related care that will help to keep your child’s eyes healthy and their vision sharp. To learn more about our qualified optometrists, and what they can do for your kids, please continue reading below.

Annual Eye Exams

A child should have their eyes checked with a comprehensive eye exam as soon as they are six months old, and every year after, until they reach adulthood. These exams are what allow our eye doctors to keep track of your children’s eye health and vision strength while checking for any developmental issues in the process.

Development and Growth

Vision plays a critical role in a child’s physical, cognitive, and social development, since much of the information they take in from the world around them is through their eyes. Visual functioning is indicative of academic performance, and for children who spend much of their time learning in a classroom setting, keeping track of their eye health and vision strength is essential to their success in school, and far into the future. Therefore, keeping tabs on your children’s vision strength and eye health is paramount for parents.

Keep an Eye Out

If you notice your child is covering one eye or tilting their head to concentrate, this may indicate that they have poor eye coordination. Look for these signs, as well as other characteristics of poor vision, such as skipping lines or losing their place while reading, poor sports performance and hand-eye coordination, avoiding tasks that require close work and attention to detail, or if they tire easily. If you notice any of these behaviours in your child that seem odd or out of place, now is the time to book an eye exam with one of our qualified and friendly optometrists today.

Contact Us

Taking into consideration all of the information listed above, book an appointment with one of our qualified eye doctors if you are in need of an optometrist for your kids. At Mountain Eye Care, our clients’ eye health and clear vision is our number one concern.

We are conveniently located at 535 Upper Wellington Street in the Hamilton area, so book an eye exam today and ensure your children are well equipped for the learning ahead of them. Please click here to find our contact information online, and learn more about our quality, child-friendly services today.