Looking to Buy Glasses in Hamilton? We Can Help

Looking to Buy Glasses in Hamilton? We Can Help

Glasses and contact Lenses are different types of prescribed eye wear. A person who has vision defects such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can use these to help correct their vision.  In this article by Mountain Eye Care, we will look at the differences between glasses for purchase in Hamilton and contact lenses for vision correction. Both contacts and eyeglasses can be found at Mountain Eye Care, and our patients can get their eye exams done by professional optometrists who can then discuss, and recommend, the best vision correction strategies.

Glasses Prescription

During an eye exam for glasses in Hamilton, the optometrist will determine your glasses prescription with lenses that sit at a specific distance from your eyes as your glasses lenses will also sit at the same distance. A range of information is assessed, including your lens power, which is required to correct an eye refractive error. The amount of correction required to correct a refractive error is measured in diopters.

Contacts Prescription

With an eye exam for contact lenses, all of this information is still needed, but a contact lens prescription will contain additional information such as the base curve, the diameter of the lenses in millimeters, the lens brand, and the expiration date. You must have a contact lens prescription even if you are buying lenses which offer no visual correction, such as coloured contacts for special effects.

There are some similarities between contact and glasses

  • Both require careful handling and cleaning to maintain the best vision.
  • Both can correct astigmatism.
  • Both are affordable, when you consider that you wear glasses or contact lenses every single day, the amount you spend on them is far less than for any other item in your wardrobe. Add in the importance to the quality of your life and they are invaluable.

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