Identity Protection With New Glasses Technology

Are you the type of person that is very private and overly aware of surveillance systems that are meant to invade your privacy? Or are you a person that likes to exercise outside at night while running or riding your bike, and you are concerned with safety? If this sounds like you, then you should continue to read this blog about a relatively new tactic to take your privacy back, and improve your visibility at night with “Reflectables.”

With today’s society being focused so much on security, for obvious reasons, it stands to reason that anti-recognition technology will be on the rise. Reflectables are a new concept being introduced to the eyeglasses industry that will allow the user to protect themselves from being spied on by surveillance camera systems, and improve their visibility while doing activities outside at night. These glasses will protect the user’s identity from road side cameras, CCTV cameras, and alert other drivers on the road when you are biking or running at night.

There are a few different versions of reflectables, some that only reflect natural light, and some that reflect both natural light and infrared light. For the reflectable glasses that reflect both kinds of light, any surveillance cameras that use infrared technology will never be able to capture your facial features. These type of glasses are called Reflectables Ghost. Reflectables Original glasses are only able to reflect natural light.

These glasses do not use batteries or light bulbs, instead, they simply bounce back light into its source direction. The frame of the glasses will get highly illuminated, but will not block the view of the user. You can get these glasses in a variety of different colors, and you can change the lenses if you have a prescription. The sunglasses are made from solid blocks of clear cellulose acetate, and a different method of machining was used to construct them called CNC. There is a metal wire that runs across the temple of the sunglasses to make them sturdier, and to allow for proper fitting. Each pair of reflectables glasses comes with a pair of lenses that are slightly tinted, and a pair that are tinted dark for the sun.

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These glasses are a breakthrough in anti-surveillance protection for people who are mindful of privacy breaches. Mountain Eye Care is always looking for the next big thing in eyeglasses technology, and any new innovations out there as well. As we come across new advancements in eye wear, we will continue to be vigilant in sharing information with our customers.