Should I Consider Cheap Contact Lenses

Should I consider cheap contact lenses? This is the question on everyone’s mind as more and more vision-related products become widely available to purchase online. In this article by Mountain Eye Care, we will answer this question, and discuss the importance of quality products when it comes to your eyes and overall vision-health, so please keep reading to learn more.

Poor Quality Materials

Whether your contact lenses are soft, silicone, hybrids, or another type of lens, cheaply made lenses won’t use the quality materials your eyes are used to. Cutting corners and making money is the number one concern of overseas manufacturers, producing second rate products that potentially could do more harm to your eyes than good, as they use harmful dyes and materials that are not FDA approved, or even entirely accepted for the North American market.

The Proper Prescription

Whether you know your current prescription strength, or you need to undergo an eye exam to find out, ordering contact lenses online can be tricky if you are not 100% sure of your prescription, and even then, the results aren’t assured. There is no guarantee that cheap contact lenses will fit the curve of your eye, and have the prescription strength work how it’s supposed to. The only way to ensure that your lenses work correctly is to have a comprehensive eye exam and lens fitting here at Mountain Eye Care.

Higher Risk of Infection

Whether it is due to the low-quality materials used, poorly made products, or the contacts don’t allow enough oxygen to the eye, there are many different ways that your eyes can develop infections from cheap contact lenses. Ill-fitting lenses can cause abrasions to the eye, making it easy for viruses and bacteria to enter the body and cause adverse side effects, even resulting in irreparable damage and vision loss.

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Saving a few extra dollars by buying cheap contact lenses is not worth the cost of the possibility of losing vision in one or both of your eyes. So if you are wondering if you should consider cheap contact lenses, the risks outweigh the costs. To secure quality made contact lenses, and ensure your vision health, choose to purchase trusted products from us here at Mountain Eye Care instead.

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