Should I Wear Sunglasses in the Winter?

Should I Wear Sunglasses in the Winter?

As long as the sun is shining, and you are enjoying the outdoors, you should be wearing sunglasses, no matter the time of year. Light exposure can seriously harm the human eyes, whether it is during the spring, summer, fall, or winter season! If you are wondering if you should be wearing sunglasses during the winter time, the short answer is yes, the longer answer is assessed in this article by Mountain Eye Care below!

Snow Blindness

When you are getting all bundled up to head outside during the long winter months, make sure you grab your sunglasses along with your hat, scarf, and mittens. They afford you protection from the harmful UV rays given off by the sun. Due to the reflective nature of snow, this white powder can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s rays, which in turn can burn our corneas, causing pain and temporary vision loss known as snow blindness. Prolonged exposure to the sun can even lead to cancer around the eyes, cataracts, and other serious adverse health effects.

Canada is no stranger to snow, and therefore we should be no strangers to wearing sunglasses during the snowy months.

The Sun’s Position

During this time of year, the sun’s position in relation to the Earth changes. During winter, the sun sits lower in the sky, resulting in more direct exposure of these UV rays. This can especially be noticeable during afternoon drives when the setting sun and snow glare can make for hazardous driving conditions. High-quality polarized sunglasses we offer here at Mountain Eye Care can negate these harmful effects, allowing you to enjoy your drive and the outside without fear of the sun’s rays causing harm.

Particle Protection

Wearing sunglasses not only protects your eyes against the things humans cannot see, like harmful UV rays and the cold, strong winds, but they also shield against harmful debris. Dust particles, ice pellets, and other small or microscopic objects can be whipped around from the wind and land in your eye, causing harm and even vision loss.

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If you usually wear glasses due to a prescription, we can easily fit a new pair of sunglasses with your prescribed strength, to keep you protected all year round.

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