Learn what type of sunglasses will fit your face for the summer season

Everybody wants to acquire a cool pair of sunglasses to give their summer look that little extra flare. With the nicer weather just around the corner, it stands to reason that many people are beginning to search for a new pair of sunglasses, if they are feeling like they could use an upgrade. Finding that perfect pair of sunglasses that fit your face and look good can be a tricky task. There is a lot of confusing information out there about face shapes, and the best frames to wear for each face shape. Since summer is almost here, we at Mountain Eye Care have decided to give our professional recommendation about different face shapes, and the type of frames that look best for these face shapes. Continue reading along if you are curious about what your face shape is, and how you can select the best pair of sunglasses frames that suit you.

Round Face Shape:

People with a round face shape tend to suit sunglass frames that are boxy. The boxiness of the frames really balances out the roundness of the face.

Oval Face Shape:

There are no real guidelines for people with oval shaped faces because usually any type of frames will look good. Pick a style of sunglasses that speaks to you, but try to avoid choosing a pair that is as broadly shaped as the broadest part of your face.

Square Face Shape:

People with square shaped faces tend to look good in sunglasses that have soft lines because it softens out the lines of their face. Consider styles like aviators, or styles with rounder shapes.

Heart-shaped Face:

Square shaped frames tend to work best on people with heart-shaped faces. Try to avoid sunglasses that are teardrop shaped, because they will accentuate your faces heart shape even more. Also, try to avoid styles that are on the heavy side because this style will also look overwhelming on your face.

Rhomboid Face Shape:

People with rhomboid shaped faces tend to look good in sunglasses that have lenses that are taller than they are wide. Try to avoid rectangular and round frames because they won’t be as flattering on your face.

Triangular Face Shape:

Sunglasses that taper towards the bottom of your face would be very flattering with a triangular face shape. People with this type of face shape tend to have very defined jaw lines and a face that tapers downwards. Choose sunglasses that can balance out your face’s features.

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