What can an optometrist do for me?

“What can an optometrist do for me?” Doctors of optometry play an essential and ongoing role in ensuring the health of you and your family. We diagnose, treat and help prevent diseases and disorders affecting the visual system, the eye and related structures. We also assist in identifying general health conditions that are often first detected through an eye exam, provide referrals to specialists and can help manage post-eye-surgery health. From infants to grade-schoolers through to seniors, optometrists not only ensure quality of vision and eye health, but quality of life. At Mountain Eye Care, we take great pride in being able to assist our clients, and their families, with their vision issues. In this article, we take a look at some of the services an optometrist can do for you!

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We take your history in account

As doctors of optometry, we evaluate many factors that can affect your vision and eye health. We review your case history, conduct an external and internal exam of your eyes, and measure vision qualities, such as eye movements and coordination, sharpness of vision and peripheral vision. We also evaluate your ability to adjust focus, and to see colour and depth normally. If we detect problems, we may recommend glasses, contact lenses, exercises, medication or surgery.

We administer professional and thorough eye exams

Many serious eye conditions don’t have obvious symptoms. Some eye diseases only show symptoms when the condition is advanced and difficult, or even impossible, to treat. A comprehensive eye exam provides the full assurance of vision and eye health that a store sight test or a school vision screening cannot. A sight test can only determine a lens power by relying on a combination of computerized tests using automated equipment. These automated sight tests are not comprehensive or accurate and do nothing to determine if your eyes are healthy.

We can help protect your overall health

It is widely recognized by health care professionals that an eye examination provides the best window to assess the body’s vascular health condition. Blood vessels in the retina are visible during an eye examination, and many previously undiagnosed systemic conditions can be found. In fact, the eye is the only place on the body that provides a non-invasive view of blood vessels and nerves. Optometrists truly serve as gatekeepers to the overall health of their patients. Many systemic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, are first found by optometrists during a comprehensive eye exam.

At Mountain Eye Care, our team of vision care specialists can assess your vision issues and address the root cause. Then we can get you fitted with the right pair of prescription lenses and frames!

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