What Does the CNIB do?

What Does the CNIB do?

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind, or CNIB for short, is a non-profit organization created with the mission to help Canadians with vision loss. As the national voice for those with vision loss, CNIB plays an essential role in educating the country about living with blindness and creating equal opportunities. Mountain Eye Care stands behind the important the things this non-profit does, so please read on to learn more about this wonderful organization!

A Century of Aid

This fantastic organization celebrated 100 years of existence in 2018. This innovative group was established in 1918 by seven founders, five of whom were blind, with the aim to boost employability and improve the lives of Canadians who are blind or partially sighted.

In a century, they have delivered ground-breaking, community-based programs and have been a powerful advocate for empowering people who have been impacted by blindness. They work to tear down barriers to inclusion and provide these people with vision loss with the tools to achieve their dreams.


CNIB offers five amazing programs to help those with vision loss achieve anything they set their mind to. Their Live programs provide participants with the support and services needed to enhance their daily lives, developing skills and realizing goals to make their future their own.

The Play programs offer social, recreational, and cultural activities to bring the community closer together while the Work programs help develop the skills needed and the resources to help participants attain their career ambitions.

Education, skill training, and literacy are the focus of the Learn programs while the Tech programs offer training that focuses on the accessibility, availability, and affordability of life-changing technology.

Our Mission

Our team strives to help the community in the same way, as we offer Hamilton the only Assistive Devices Program for those with low vision in the area. This program aims to maximize the remaining vision of people by the use of optical and electronic devices. Our office can help our clients with low vision secure the funding needed and training required to obtain and operate these devices.

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Here at Mountain Eye Care, we understand the importance of what CNIB does for people across the country. Your vision is our job, our passion, and our prime care, as we strive to bring the best visual aid products to the Hamilton area and beyond. If you need help, please contact us online or by phone to talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable members of staff.