When You Need Frames For Your Glasses

Glasses Frames Hamilton

Different eyeglass frame materials greatly expand your options for a new look. While shopping for new eyeglasses or sunglasses, ask your optometrist for advice about variety in colours, durability, weight, favourite brands, hypoallergenic materials, uniqueness and price. In fact, finding eyeglasses with the qualities that are most important to you could be as simple as choosing the right frame material because each type has its own unique strengths. In this article by Mountain Eye Care, we will look at some different materials frames are made out of and that are available for purchase in Hamilton. A large variety of different eyewear frames can be found at Mountain Eye Care.  Read on for more information about eyewear frames in Hamilton.

Plastic  frames

If you want the colours of the rainbow, then Zyl is your material. Zyl is a very cost-effective and creative option for eyewear and is extremely lightweight. Particularly popular right now are laminated zyl frames that have layered colours. Look for light colours on the interior sides, which can make your eyewear “disappear” from your visual field when you wear them. An all-black frame, on the other hand, is visible at all times on both interior and exterior sides

Nylon  frames

Nylon is also a premier material for sports and performance frames, typically made of gliamides, grilamid or trogamid materials that are very resistant to hot and cold and are more flexible, yet also stiff. Nylon also is easily molded into today’s popular wraparound styles, as well as other shapes that are difficult to produce.

Metal  frames

Titanium and beta-titanium are also popular materials for eyeglass frames. Titanium is a silver-gray metal that’s lightweight, durable, strong and corrosion-resistant. It has been used for everything from spacecraft to implantable medical devices such as heart valves. Titanium eyewear can be produced in a variety of colours for a clean, modern look with a hint of colour. These frames are also hypoallergenic.

Glasses frames materials that are unusual

Solid silver or sterling silver is not used commonly as a principal frame material because it doesn’t make very wearable or comfortable frames. Sometimes silver is used as a trace element in metal alloy frames and often provides a jewelry-like accent on plastic frames.

Some companies make gold eyewear, typically gold plating rather than solid gold. Like silver, gold can be used for accenting plastic or metal frames as well.

Wood frames are also a popular trend and while they look great are often difficult to adjust for a great fit.

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