Where can I find high quality glasses in Hamilton?

These days you can find cheap glasses online for tempting prices, but the prices are lower for a reason: those cheap knockoffs will not give you the benefits of quality eyeglasses. Online sources often sell “knock-offs” of designer frames that have no warranty. Getting glasses at Mountain Eye Care is the best way to make sure that your glasses will be made specifically for your eyes, with the correct measurements, and that you will get a superior, more durable product, with the manufacturer’s warranty. Looking for where you can find high quality glasses in Hamilton? Look no further than Mountain Eye Care.

High quality glasses are more durable

In addition to ensuring accurate measurements, getting your eyeglasses at Mountain Eye Care will result in higher quality, more durable glasses. They’re also resistant to scratching and may not require an additional coating. Cheap lenses purchased online may not have any of these benefits of quality eyeglasses. Cheap coatings can wear off quickly, and lenses made from low-quality materials are more likely to break.

Added health benefits

Getting your glasses from a licensed eye doctor has another benefit: early detection of diseases. In addition to vision problems, your eye doctor at Mountain Eye Care can detect diseases like diabetes and certain types of skin cancer through an eye exam.

The pupillary distance

Prescription needs can vary greatly from person to person, and everyone’s eyes are unique. Similarly, pupillary distance (PD), or the distance from one pupil to the other, differs from person to person; this measurement is a critical factor for making effective glasses. Eyeglass lenses, as well as lenses for other applications, such as telescopes and cameras, have an optical center. In eyeglasses, a lens is designed to put the image in focus for an eye centered directly on that point. To center the lenses in your eyes correctly, your eye doctor measures your PD and then cuts the lenses precisely.

If you are looking for where you can find quality glasses in Hamilton, then a visit to Mountain Eye care is all that’s needed! Click here to find our contact information, schedule an appointment, or to speak with a representative.