National Sunglasses Day with Mountain Eye Care

Celebrate National Sunglasses Day on Tuesday, June 27th with Mountain Eye Care! Brought to you by The Vision Council, National Sunglasses Day is a commemorative date held annually on June 27 celebrating the importance of wearing shades to protect the eyes from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays. In...

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sunglasses blog post

Are all sunglasses created equal?

Summer is officially here which means we have traded in our toques and scarves for sun friendly accessories – like sunglasses. When picking out a pair that’s right for you, make sure they provide enough protection from the sun. “Overexposure to Ultra Violet (UV) rays can sunburn your eyes,”...

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3 Tips For Winter

3 tips to keep your eyes safe this winter Byline: Dr.Chadda Scarves, gloves and down-filled coats help protect us from the snowy, chilly weather – but what are we doing to protect our eyes? Here are three helpful tips to keep you and your family’s eyes happy and healthy...

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