Benefits of High-Quality Lenses

Benefits of High-Quality Lenses

At Mountain Eye Care in Hamilton, ON, we only fit our clients with the highest-quality lens for their glasses. We take vision correction very seriously, so why would we fit our clients with anything less than this? There are many advantages of high-quality lenses and if you are serious about your vision health, why would you consider anything less. In this article by Mountain Eye Care, we share some information about a few benefits of having high-quality lenses in your glasses. 

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For accurate prescriptions 

There’s a reason why prescription varies from person to person. Having someone professional to read and understand your prescription is critical in making the prescription glasses. If the prescription eyewear does not have the right prescription, it may not work properly for you and you may not be able to make the most of it. Worse, it may lead to more vision problems and it can even cause adverse effects such as a headache, eye strain, and nausea. That is why it is important that your prescription is strictly followed.

For scratch resistance 

Low-quality lenses get easily damaged while those high-quality ones do not. This is because high-quality lenses have a scratch-resistant treatment that makes them protected from scratches and dents.

For resistance to impact 

Accidents do happen. If in case you get into an accident and you are using low-quality lenses, the glasses may break. Broken pieces can get into your eyes and can cause serious damages which can even lead to vision loss. This can be really dangerous most especially for kids who are more prone to accidents.

For reflection resistance 

When lights get into your glasses, irritating glare and reflection may be produced. This glare and reflection are not merely irritating and annoying, they can as well hurt your eyes. High-quality lenses typically have an anti-reflective coating that protects your eyes against glare and reflection.

At Mountain Eye Care, we only fit our clients with the highest quality lenses for their glasses. We encourage you to get in touch with a representative at Mountain Eye Care to learn more. 

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