Benefits of Progressive Lenses

Benefits of Progressive Lenses

Do you have multiple pairs of glasses that you can never keep track of it? Does it make you annoyed just thinking about it? Well, annoyance be gone! Here at Mountain Eye Care, we provide all of Hamilton with the best vision care services, including access to progressive lenses!

Progressive lenses could be the answer you have been looking for. If you own multiple types of glasses for your different vision needs, losing track of them is one pesky problem. With progressive lenses, you can eliminate using numerous pairs of glasses and say goodbye to those long searches.


Myopia is a vision disorder and a leading reason for needing progressive lenses. It is a vision disorder that makes it hard for your eyes to focus. Distant objects appear blurred because the eye is focusing the image in front of the retina, instead of on it.

Symptoms include headaches and eye strain from constant squinting. Myopia can be easily detected with an eye exam and fixable by use of progressive lenses. Mountain Eye Care is a top provider of assistive vision wear and progressive lenses to the Hamilton area.

Designer Choices

Realizing you need prescription eyewear does not mean you should have to give up your style as well. Our Hamilton facility offers progressive lenses, with a wide range of designer frames because Mountain Eye Care is here for all of your vision needs.

As the leading provider for eyewear in the area, our choices are far above the rest. Just some of these brands include Michael Kors, Guess, Fendi, Kate Spade, Hackett, and many more!  Visit our facility to check out all of the top brands we carry!


Once you have visited our office to procure your own set of progressive lenses, now is the time to transition from many glasses to the one set, the perfect pair! Progressive lenses could take a little while to get used to, so we offer a few tips to help in your transition.

Wear your glasses on the upper bridge of your nose, close to your eyes, as to get the most vision range out of these new lenses. When looking at something, move your entire head and align your nose directly on what you are focusing on.

Practice on focusing between near and far object as a means of getting used to the lenses. Most importantly, make sure you do not switch back and forth between your new glasses and old glasses, as this could slow down the process of training your brain to focus through the new lenses.

Located in the Hamilton area, Mountain Eye Care offers high-quality progressive lenses for those who do not want to juggle multiple pairs of glasses. Get rid of extra complications in your life and switch to one pair of progressive lenses! Contact us online or in person to get the process underway!