Benefits Of Smart Glasses

Benefits Of Smart Glasses

For centuries, the primary purpose of eyeglasses has been to improve our vision to 20/20. Eyeglass makers and internet pioneers are joining forces to make our one-trick-pony glasses smarter as well. What in the world are smart glasses? Simply put, they are an attempt to bring the wireless connectivity and imaging we enjoy on our home computers and cellphones into the frames and lenses of our eyewear. However, if you are wondering if smart glasses also provide vision correction, then the answer is yes. At Mountain Eye Care, we don’t just provide our clients with high-end vision care and products, but we also provide plenty of information about vision health and interesting topics within the industry. In this article, we share some information about a few of the benefits of wearing smart glasses. 

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Smart glasses and better vision 

Several models have incorporated liquid crystal technology to enable users to filter the level of brightness coming through their smart lenses, Controlling the amount of ambient light in their natural surroundings also helps users optimize the visual overlays of their smart glasses.  Filtering brightness is a technological step forward from the photochromic or transitional lenses and could make sunglasses unnecessary.

Smart glasses provide technology  

Perhaps as entrancing as the visual overlays of smart glasses are the various ways you can control them.  Instead of the keyboard and mouse we’re all used to, we can control smart glasses by touching, tapping, or swiping controls built into the frame, verbalizing our requests as we do to Alexa and Siri, and/or directing its displays through our phone or wearable devices. 

In conclusion…  

While the idea of wearing smart glasses on a daily basis as a means of vision correction sounds cool, it is not necessarily recommended by vision professionals. For the highest quality vision correction, it is advised that you seek a professional vision care facility like Mountain Eye Care. For more information about our vision care products and services, or to learn more about the industry, we encourage you to get in touch with a Mountain Eye Care representative or visit our website today! 

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