Benefits of wearing Acuvue® Oasys® contact lenses

Benefits of wearing Acuvue® Oasys® contact lenses

Acuvue® Oasys® contact lenses are manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc. by way of their Vistakon subsidiary which is specialized in the production of contact lenses. A specialized Silicone Hydrogel material known for its high oxygen transmissibility and wettability is used for the production of these lenses. Acuvue® Oasys® lenses are designed for use as daily wear lenses with a replacement schedule of up to two weeks after which a fresh pair of lenses should be used. If you are looking to buy a great brand of contact lenses online or in-store, then Mountain Eye Care can help. We carry Acuvue® Oasys® contact lenses that can be perfect for your vision needs. There are many benefits of wearing Acuvue® Oasys® contact lenses, and in this blog, we share some information about some of these benefits. 

High oxygen transmission 

According to Contact Lens Spectrum, “The eye has the greatest likelihood of good health if it receives the highest possible levels of oxygen.” The Silicone Hydrogel material that Acuvue® Oasys® lenses are made of has the capacity to deliver up to 98% of the available oxygen to the corneal tissues. This proprietary material is also specifically designed to provide maximum all-day comfort to the wearer, even at the end of the day where most competitive products encounter issues of dryness and irritation. This feature helps to ensure wearer compliance along with excellent eye health.

Moist lens surface

Although one of the chemical characteristics of silicone is to reject water, the scientists at Vistakon were able to marry the qualities of silicone with the benefits of hydrogel lenses. Using the company’s proprietary Hydraclear Technology the research and development team was successful in developing a lens material that was used to produce a lens with moisture-enhancing features that directly impact comfort and eye health.

Soft, flexible material 

Another benefit of Vistakon’s patented Hydraclear Technology and material, as used for Acuvue® Oasys®, is its extra smooth surface which keeps the lenses moist, soft, and smooth. This feature promotes all-day comfort for the wearer and therefore avoiding end-of-day drying, discomfort, or itching.

UV blocking 

UV exposure can increase the incidence of developing eye problems, including but not limited to cataracts and macular degeneration. The Acuvue® Oasys® lenses block more than 96 percent of UVA and 99 percent of UVB rays, which means this lens meets the highest UV-bocking standards on the market.

If you are looking for a quality brand of contact lenses that can provide you with vision correction and protection, then Acuvue® Oasys® is the brand for you. We encourage you to continue browsing through our Mountain Eye Care website for more information about how you can place an order for your Acuvue® Oasys® contact lenses. Click here to find our contact information or speak with a representative.