Coloured Contact Lenses For A Different Look

Coloured contact lenses are a great and safe way to change your appearance to obtain a different look. For those interested in altering the colour of their eyes, a visit to Mountain Eye Care can make it happen. First off, read through this article to learn about our products and what tints could work for you!

Coloured Contact Types

If you are interested in obtaining coloured contact lenses, the first thing that is needed is an understanding of the different types out there. Visibility tint lenses have a very slight tint that is meant to enhance the natural eye colour of the wearer and make it easier to see when inserting and removing them from the eye. Opaque tint contacts are the go-to products for the most dramatic colour change, altering the colour of the eye most effectively. Light filtering tints fall somewhere in the middle of the two. Your natural eye colour will dictate the type of contact lenses you should wear.

Naturally Lighter Eyes

Those with lighter eye colours who would like to obtain a subtle change in their appearance should look to visibility tint lenses or light filtering tint lenses for colour enhancement. If you have blue irises, choosing light filtering lenses in green or gray could give you the precise changes you were looking for. If you would like a more dramatic look, one that will grab the attention of your friends and family, an opaque coloured tint could work wonders to alter your appearance and match the style you are going for.

Naturally Darker Eyes

Those with naturally darker eye colours in the market for a different look, should consider opaque tint contact lenses. For a subtle alteration, choose a shade that somewhat matches your own, but offers a varying hue, producing a natural, yet attention-grabbing look. If you would like to really stand out, then opaque lenses come in all colours and tints of the rainbow, so choosing a vivid colour is easy and accessible.

Colour Me Impressed

Coloured contact lenses are a great way to achieve a different look. Whatever the aesthetic you are going for, we here at Mountain Eye Care can help! With a great selection of high-quality contact lenses that offer you a wide range of colours and tints, it is easy to obtain irises that match your style!

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