Do my eyeglasses fit right?

Do my eyeglasses fit right?

Have you recently purchased a new pair of eyeglasses that you thought would fit properly, but once you put them on and wear them around you discover that they don’t fit as advertised? Are you looking to have your eyeglasses properly adjusted to fit your face and provide proper vision correction without the discomfort? There are many benefits of properly fitting eyeglasses, and at Mountain Eye Care, we can get your eyeglasses fitted to your face with ease! This is especially true if you are buying your eyeglasses right from us! If you have been suffering from discomfort with your eyeglasses and you are asking yourself if they fit right, then you have come to the right place to find answers. In this article by Mountain Eye Care, we share some information about how your eyeglasses should properly fit your face. 

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The face shape is not the most important 

One of the most widespread myths is that you need to first identify your face shape to pick eyeglasses that complement your features. However, if you’ve ever looked at pictures of different shaped faces, round, square, triangular, heart-shaped, etc, you probably got stuck. That’s because most people don’t neatly match up to one shape. It’s more probable that your face combines the elements of a few different shapes, and you don’t need to pinpoint them to find the best-looking glasses.

Your glasses must feel comfortable 

If you are feeling like your eyeglasses aren’t sitting properly on your face and are causing some discomfort, then you are definitely in need of an adjustment. Many people simply settle, getting used to eyeglasses that pinch slightly behind their ears or press on the sides of their noses. Uncomfortable glasses are not something anyone should live with! When frames fit right, they feel good, they don’t slip, pinch, lead to headaches, or brush up against your eyelashes. 

There are measurements that actually matter

There are three main measurements that really matter when it comes to eyeglasses that properly fit. These measurements include frame width, arm length, and bridge size. The width of your eyeglasses is important for reasons beyond giving you an attractive appearance. It’s also linked to the placement of your pupils within each lens, which is inextricably connected to the quality of your vision. The arms of your eyeglasses should go straight back towards your ears and only contact the side of your head just in front of your ears. The bridge is the part of your eyeglasses that goes over your nose. It needs to fit snugly, not pinching or sliding around loosely.

If you are asking yourself if your eyeglasses fit, then it is time to bring them into Mountain Eye Care for a proper fitting. Whether you buy your eyeglasses from us, or you have a pair that needs an adjustment, our team of vision specialists is here to help! 

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