Guess Glasses and Sunglasses

Looking for Guess Glasses or Sunglasses? We carry them!

Take the guesswork out of finding yourself the right pair of glasses and try our Guess glasses and frames at Mountain Eye Care today.

From start to finish- our experienced staff can help you through the whole process- so you know exactly what goes into providing you with the best eye care services in all of Hamilton.

Read on to learn more about what Mountain Eye Care can do for you!

The Process

So what exactly consists of a visit to Mountain Eye Care? Well, we’re glad you asked! If you have booked an appointment for an eye exam with one of our five  licensed optometrists you can expect professional and courteous care. Our optometrists will complete a personal and family ocular history and medical history to understand the genetics of your eyes completely. They will ask you about your life and activities that pertain to your visual environment.

After this discussion, they will take the measurements of your visual acuity; including focusing strength, color vision, depth perception, peripheral vision, and corneal dimensions and curvature. Examination of the outer and inner structure of your eyes will take place, as well as an eye movement and binocular vision test to discover your focusing ability. To protect against vision loss, we then take digital photographs of the retina to determine if they show any symptoms of eye diseases.

All of this will accumulate into the answers your optometrist needs to determine your vision and prescription options for glasses, contact lenses, and even laser correction. Overall this process is meant to provide you with a comprehensive summary of your vision and how we can best help you and your eyes.

Glasses Galore

If your eye exam reveals you are in need of prescription lenses- you will not have to leave the building to obtain the perfect pair of glasses! Mountain Eye Care offers its clients a wide selection of Guess sunglasses and frames, as well as many other top quality, designer brands, for all their eye vision needs.

Established in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, the Guess brand quickly became a fashion symbol throughout North America. Recognized as a brand that portrays a sensual, vibrant lifestyle, these two siblings stunned the world when they continuously produced fashionable and iconic styles. If your eye exam reveals you may need vision support, why not make a statement by choosing Guess sunglasses and frames at Mountain Eye Care!

You can easily book an appointment with one of our optometrists by using this form, or get in touch with one of our highly equipped Mountain Eye Care employees to learn more.