How to Choose the Right Glasses for My Child

How to Choose the Right Glasses for My Child

Has it been determined by a vision care specialist and an eye exam that your child needs glasses for vision correction? Are you asking yourself how you can choose the right glasses for your child? At Mountain Eye Care, we have a massive selection of frames from some of the industry’s most popular and reputable brands. There are many ways to choose the right glasses for your child. In this article by Mountain Eye Care, we share some information about a few ways that you can choose the right glasses for your child. 

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Glasses with scratch-resistant coating 

A scratch-resistant coating is imperative in your child’s eyeglass lenses. All lenses are prone to scratching, but scratch-resistant lenses will better withstand rough treatment by a child. 

Glasses with anti-reflective coating 

Bright light reflecting on eyeglasses can be hard on your child’s eyes; an anti-reflective lens coating will reflect light away from the eyes and reduce glare.

Glasses that are made with durable materials 

Plastic frames were once the preferred type for children because of their durability until metals became more durable, and other materials like rubber became available. Whether you’re looking for children’s designer eyeglasses, or something a little more budget-friendly, you’ll find plenty of lightweights, stylish frames in a variety of colors.

Glasses that have non-slip nose pads 

Frames typically come with one of two options in nose pads, adjustable or integrated pads. The adjustable style usually includes non-slip pads. This benefits the child in two ways: The nose pad will adjust to fit comfortably and securely, and the non-slip pad will keep the eyeglasses in place. Integrated nose pads are molded into the frame, with no separate parts or pieces. The benefit of integrated pads is durability because kids can be rough on their eyewear. 

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