Just How Important is it to Properly Fit Your Sunglasses?

Just How Important is it to Properly Fit Your Sunglasses?

Have you ever tried on sunglasses that you just had to have only to find out that they were completely uncomfortable? Or that after purchasing them, after wearing them for an hour or so, your eyes began to ache under the pressure? Sunglasses are necessary not only for protecting our eyes from ultraviolet rays but also to protect our eyes from the wind, debris, and other harsh weather conditions. They are also necessary to protect our eyes from the visible glare that is often reflected off of surfaces like roads, highways, or even water. Wearing sunglasses that do not fit can actually be harmful to your eyes. In this article by Mountain Eye Care, we share some information about some reasons why properly fitting sunglasses are important. 

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Reasons why properly fitting sunglasses are important?

  • Wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from debris or wind is much more effective when they fit snugly to your face and do not move around. When they are tied onto your head with a strap, this effect is compounded.
  • Wearing sunglasses that are too small for your face causes the tinted lenses to rest on the edges of your eyelids or to actually touch your eyeballs. When done consistently, this can cause irritation and even corneal abrasions (scratches on the eye).
  • Wearing sunglasses that are too large causes more ultraviolet rays to enter your eyes. By adding an extra lens on the outside, you are effectively blocking less of the harmful rays from reaching your eyes.
  • Sunglasses that are too loose can also be dangerous to the wearer by falling off during rough activities or when traveling at high speeds. The best way to ensure a good fit is to have a professional optician take your measurements and find a good pair for you.
  • A good optician will also have a variety of sunglasses from which to choose. They should be able to show you different options that fit your face and the activities in which you plan on wearing them. If you are going to be traveling at high speeds or engaging in rough activities, they should be able to suggest a style and model that would provide the best fit.

In conclusion

The best way to determine the proper fit is to try on several pairs. If you are wearing sunglasses year-round, it is probably worth investing in a nice pair that fits your face perfectly and lasts for many seasons. If you have never had the luxury of owning a good pair of sunglasses, it may be time to invest in some elegant sunglasses.

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