My Kids Need New Glasses

Have you let your kids go out and play in the backyard, only for your child to come back in the house, apologetically showing you their broken glasses? Maybe your child has outgrown their glasses, or in need of a new prescription strength? Whatever the case, if your kids need new glasses, then Mountain Eye Care can help! Hamilton parents can find all that they need for their children at our local facility, so please keep reading to find out more about our child-friendly services and products below.

Friendly Optometrists

Our friendly and knowledgeable Optometrists have extensive experience working with patients of all ages so they can perform comprehensive eye exams on your children. It is essential to schedule an eye exam every year for your child in order to keep track of their vision strength and development, ensuring that if any problems arise, our eye doctors can catch the symptoms in the beginning stages. Understanding your child’s developing eyesight is essential to helping them excel in school, as over 80% of the information they are learning is processed through sight.

Great Glasses for Kids

Our facility is well stocked with the most popular brands and designer glasses, great for older children. But if you have a younger child, then our Miraflex glasses would work perfectly for them! This quality brand offers flexible and safe Italian-made frames, containing no metal parts, and are BPA free, rubber free, and latex free. All of their products are hypo-allergenic and antibacterial, meaning fewer germs all-around. Miraflex frames can fit prisms and can hold up to a +/- 28 in prescription. With a vast selection of colours, models, and sizes, Miraflex provides your kids with countless combinations to help them find a pair that fits them and gets them excited at the prospect of wearing glasses.

Contact Us

Whether your kids need new glasses or frames, or need to schedule their annual eye exam to check their sight, parents can find everything they need to help their children here at Mountain Eye Care. Our quality facility is well stocked with child-friendly product options, and our team of experts are happy to help you find what you need. Hamilton residents can conveniently find us at 535 Upper Wellington Street.

So come on down today, as we are eager to help all of our visitors. Please click here to find our contact information online, and learn more about our kid-friendly products, or schedule an eye exam for your child today.