New technology innovations in eye care – Mountain Eye Care.

As technology starts to get better and better in today’s modern society, it stands to reason that industries such as optometry and eye care will adapt to this new technology, and start to use it as a means of developing new ways to care for and diagnose people’s eye issues. Giving your eyes the care they deserve is very important to prolong the quality of vision you will have down the road in your life. This new technology has already started appearing in optometrist offices all over the world helping to make your eye exams go much quicker and be more accurate than

Digital technology has given eye doctors the tools that give both them and you, as the client, a better picture of your eye health and vision. Many eye doctors have chosen to replace old eye test methods with new advanced diagnostics. In fact, did you know that the chart with lettering on it that decreases in size, called the Snellen eye chart, is likely the oldest vision tool you will recognize in an optometrist’s office? Other than that chart, pretty much every other tool used is high tech. New technology in eye examination means fewer questions, more answers, and a shorter overall process. Digital imaging eye care technology allows doctors to capture the most detailed information about the client’s eyes, and then visually show the client what they are looking at using a detailed HD image. Better technology allows for a quicker more thorough exam, in a shorter amount of time, that is more meaningful to your overall eye health.

New tools in eye care and examination.

Vision Profiler:

This gives doctors a detailed visual profile of the eye that acts almost like a fingerprint. A vision profiler can detect the differences in how your eyes react to daylight and nighttime.

Lens Profiler:

A digital lens meter that measures your current prescription instantly. It gives your eye doctor a good prescription starting point so they don’t have to do any guesswork, or bother with testing that doesn’t need to occur. Can give your doctor a good starting point for your eye exam, and can compare your before and after vision.

Digital Retinal Scan:

This digital technology allows your doctor to see a detailed image of your eye with a digital copy that prints out of your interior eye system. This gives the doctor a clearer, more comprehensive look at your eye health. No dilation is involved in this process, and you will find that you will not experience and sensitivity to light or focus difficulty when you leave the exam.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace these days. There are always new advancements coming into the limelight and changing the way we do things. The name of the game is to make things easier and more convenient for us. If you need an eye exam done, make sure you get yourself into a reputable optometrist and experience this new technology for yourself.