Should I buy my glasses from an optometrist?

Should I buy my glasses from an optometrist?

Ecommerce or online shopping has made it easy to purchase virtually anything from the comfort of your home. Of course, eyewear is no exception. It’s not necessarily a secret that many optometrists and opticians don’t love this trend, but it’s not the reason you think. As eye care professionals, our job is to make sure you’re benefiting from consistently clear and crisp vision. With eyewear from online retailers, we lose the ability to ensure you’re getting the best corrective options. It is for this reason that Mountain Eye Care has put together a blog that shares some information about some of the benefits of buying your glasses from an optometrist. If you are looking for information about this, then you have come to the right place! Read on to learn more. 

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The construction and material 

No matter what you’re ordering, quality is a gamble when ordering online. This also applies to frames and lenses.  While most glasses are hypoallergenic, some frame materials like nickel, rubber, and plastic can trigger an allergic reaction in some people. The quality isn’t necessarily just the concern with frames. When you buy your glasses at a brick and mortar optical practice or boutique, someone will measure the distance between your eyes, the width of your nose, and other variables to make sure your glasses will fit comfortably and correct your vision the way they are supposed to. Ordering glasses or frames online doesn’t take any of these issues into account. In fact, there’s a reasonable chance that you’ll have to take the eyewear you order online into an optician for adjustments anyway. 

Choose the right lenses and frames for your needs 

Not every type of framework work with every type of lens. For example, some prescriptions require very thick lenses, which means light-weight wireframes are not a good option. While online retailers may prevent you from ordering frames that physically can’t support your lenses, they may not, which is a risk. Occasionally, patients may require prism lenses, progressive lenses, unusually high prescriptions, and other specialized elements. Most online eyewear dealers can’t accommodate these types of requirements properly.  Specialized lenses require facial measurements to make sure your frames are properly situated, and your lenses sit correctly in your glasses.

Your money goes further 

Online eyewear retailers have two major advantages over brick and mortar eyewear stores. The first is the consumer has unlimited access to all sorts of brands. If you don’t find anything you liked at one online retailer, you can shop at other dealers located all over the world, rather than just those located in your immediate area. The other major advantage is the price. Although you can buy high-end eyewear online, the primary draw of purchasing eyewear over the Internet is that it’s often cheaper. This price difference usually comes down to frame quality and lens quality. By mostly carrying cheaper frames, and spending less on labour, online retailers can afford to charge consumers less. However, the phrase “you get what you pay for” really rings true here. Again, there are high-quality eyewear brands available for purchase online, but for the most part, ordering glasses online leaves you with lower-quality eyewear doesn’t quite work the way it’s supposed to.

Customized standard of care 

Your glasses are just as unique as you are. As tempting as it is to save money and order your glasses online, it’s important to consider the cost, which could be your time, money, and proper vision. Buying your glasses from a reputable optometrist allows for proper and precise measurements to be taken so you can fully benefit from the clarity and the comfort of your new prescription.  

There are many benefits of buying your glasses from an optometrist. If you are looking for more information about buying new glasses, then we encourage you to schedule an appointment at Mountain Eye Care today! Click here to find our contact information or to speak with a Mountain Eye Care representative.