At Mountain Eye Care, we care about your eyes so much, we put it in our name. We offer our customers a wide variety of eye care services and have many products that our customers can benefit from. We also like to discover new advancements in eyeglasses and eye care, and we want to share any new findings with our cherished customers. If you have suffered an eye injury, or your eyes have began to deteriorate due to illness or genetics, we have come across a new advancement in contact lens technology that could eventually help you with your eye issues.

A new smart contact lens fitted with an artificial iris may be able to help people with eye injuries and deteriorating vision problems see better. The lens, which has no name yet, uses concentric LCDs to mirror how the pupil in the eye operates, which is controlled by the iris. This smart contact lens is part of a bigger project of artificial iris technology lead by a man named Herbert De Smet, who specializes in intelligent sensor technology at the University of Ghent.

This new contact lens technology is aimed at helping people who have serious eye conditions that are affecting the iris, resulting in vision issues and a lack of overall eye function. These eye issues can be the result of having cancer, the result of an injury, or bad genetics. The colored part of your eye is called the iris, and the function of the iris is to expand and contract to protect the pupil from harmful light rays, and help us see better. When the iris is not operating correctly, you will experience pain being out in the sun, or being under any kind of indoor bright light.

Essentially, this contact lens will act as an artificial iris for your eye, and be able to expand and contract using sensors and LCDs, depending on the kind of light you are encountering. Your eye will be able to adjust to outdoor sunlight and indoor lighting so you will no longer feel any pain, and your vision will greatly improve.

These lenses are not yet in production as there are still some qualities that need to be ironed out such as, safety, quality of materials, and functionality of the materials as they work together on your eye. However, the future does look bright in the area of wearable technology, and Mountain Eye Care wants to provide our customers with any new information regarding eyecare.