The importance of properly fitting glasses

The importance of properly fitting glasses

Wearing eyeglasses that properly fit your face is essential for optimal vision correction. You can buy glasses right off the rack and wear them, but if they don’t properly fit your face and they are constantly falling off, they can become more of a nuisance if anything. Thankfully, at Mountain Eye Care, you can have your eyeglasses properly fitted by our vision care specialists. There is nothing better than a pair of eyeglasses that fit your face properly and provide adequate vision correction. In this article by Mountain Eye Care, we share some information about the importance of properly fitting glasses. 

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Every person’s face shape is different 

In order to achieve properly fitting glasses, it is essential to understand what face shape you have. Every human head is unique, each face has different measurements and no other eyes on earth are exactly like yours. At Mountain Eye Care, our vision specialists can do a consultation with you to determine your face shape, and help you choose a pair of glasses that suit you. We have access to glasses from all of the most popular and reputable brands.

The right equipment and technology is used 

To get a pair of sunglasses to properly fit your face, there is certain equipment and technology that can be used. Part of the process of being fitted by an optician includes getting horizontal and vertical lens alignment calibrations correctly, which ensures that your eyes will be looking through the optical center of the lens precisely for clear and comfortable vision. Only a trained optician, equipped with the proper tools, can take these measurements accurately.   

Properly fitting glasses keep your eyes healthy 

Another advantage of properly fitting glasses is that they keep your eyes healthy. For first-time eyeglass wearers, it is especially essential for you to be guided through the entire health screening process by an optometrist with a full comprehensive eye examination. Having an eye test can help identify numerous serious health issues such as glaucoma, high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes. Once you are fitted with the prescription glasses for your vision needs, you can experience total vision correction.

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