Why should I get prescription sunglasses?

Why should I get prescription sunglasses?

Are you an avid sunglasses wearer but you have low vision and you want a pair of sunglasses that add style to your look and vision correction? There are many benefits of wearing prescription sunglasses and at Mountain Eye Care, we can get you fitted with prescription sunglasses that correct your vision, provide UV protection, and add that flair of style you are looking for. At our facility in Hamilton, our clients can find a large variety of sunglasses from some of the industry’s hottest brands, including Ray-Ban, Michael Kors, Mexx, Lacoste, Kate Spade, and many more. If you are wondering if you should get prescription sunglasses, then you have come to the right place for answers. In this article, we share some information about some of the benefits of prescription sunglasses.

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Prescription sunglasses are considerably more comfortable 

One of the biggest benefits of prescription sunglasses is that they are very comfortable. Along with providing vision correction that you need and UV protection, your eyeglasses should also feel comfortable on your face and fit properly. At Mountain Eye Care, our vision specialists can get you outfitted with the best prescription sunglasses for your needs. Sunglasses frames are now available in a variety of materials, including ultra-light polycarbonate, offering a more comfortable, lightweight fit. Come check out our selection today! 

With prescription sunglasses, your eyes are better protected 

Protection from the elements is also important when you wear prescription sunglasses. Your prescription sunglasses will protect you from harmful UV rays, dust, and other airborne entities, even blue light from computer screens and phone screens. Wearing prescription sunglasses is the best way to not only ensure your vision is well supported but also to protect your eyes from harsh elements. Even basic activities, like reading a book in the sun without the glare, are improved by wearing prescription sunglasses. 

You can reduce the risk of future vision issues 

In addition to aiding your vision, wearing prescription sunglasses that offer a high level of protection against ultraviolet rays will also reduce the risk of cataracts, retinal damage, and skin cancer of the eyelids. If you are concerned about the long term effects of UV rays on your eyes, then wearing prescription sunglasses can put your mind at ease. 

At Mountain Eye Care, we can get you outfitted with prescription sunglasses that correct and protect your vision. If you are thinking about getting a pair for yourself, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at our vision care facility today.

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