How Should my Sunglasses Really Fit?

How Should my Sunglasses Really Fit?

You can go to a store and pick a pair of sunglasses easily just by gauging with your own eyes. What you may not be aware of is that there is a specific way the accessory should fit your eyes and the space above the nose. This is not a matter of guessing but a critical thing to understand. Sunglasses should be comfortable with you. What may be fitting to someone else may not be the case for you because people have different face sizes and shapes. At Mountain Eye Care, we can help you get your prescription sunglasses fitted to your face shape. If you are seeking properly fitting sunglasses, then our team of professionals at Mountain Eye Care can help! In this blog by Mountain Eye Care, we talk about how your sunglasses should properly fit your face. 

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There are various sunglasses specifically designed for a given face type. People have different face types, which may vary significantly according to ancestral characteristics. Below is a list of face shapes and how sunglasses should fit those face shapes: 

The Oval Face

This face type seems to have a universal choice. It is perfect for any style of sunglasses and nothing can ever go wrong for you. The only thing you have to put into consideration is the size of the frame; which should neither be too thin nor too thick. They should also not be wider than your face type. 

The Square Face 

This face has pronounced jaw-line and edges. Wearing round and wider sunglasses will make you balance these features. The frames should not be too thick. Never put on rectangular glasses with sharp corners because it will end up exaggerating your facial features.

The Round Face 

This face features plumper cheeks and chin. Therefore, polygonal or square sunglasses with an angled design is perfect for it. The frames should be thicker.

The Long Face 

This face has elongated features from forehead to chin. Sunglasses with larger lenses and polygonal frames will help modify the long face.

The Flat Face 

Sunglasses with darker lenses and frames will serve to highlight the contours of the face. Bright colors can be helpful in making the expression more vivid.

The Heart Shaped Face

This face is widest at the temples and narrower at the chin. It goes well with sunglasses having rectangular frames. They are best with aviator, rimless, shield or butterfly styled frames.

What about the Nose Bridge?

The nose bridge provides support between the lens and the face. Different people have different nose sizes; some are big, some are small, others are long while others are flat or narrower. People with large noses need sunglasses with a lower nose bridge. Those with medium-sized noses need a low or medium nose bridge while those with small noses require sunglasses with high nose bridges.

What about the Lens Shape?

The color of the lenses identifies your fashion statement and shows how well you can contrast or differentiate colors. There are various shades of colors such as black, brown, purple, orange, red, gray or green. The lens should always complement your coloring; such as skin color, hair, and apparel. 

Your prescription sunglasses should fit your face like a glove and provide you with protection from harmful UV rays. If you are looking to have your sunglasses fitted professionally, then our team at Mountain Eye Care can help! Click here to find our contact information, schedule an appointment, or to speak with a representative.