Tips on protecting your vision

Did you forget to put on your sunglasses today? Are you constantly sitting in front of a computer screen without taking breaks to look away? Maybe you also skipped your yearly eye exam, again. These are just some of the things we tend to overlook when it comes to our eye health. But these seemingly innocent oversights, along with small decisions that we make on a daily basis can eventually take a toll on our eyes and our vision. Mountain Eye Care has put together  a brief list of tips on how you can protect your vision! Browse through our website to learn more about our vision services and brands of sunglasses and eyeglasses!

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Keep screens at a distance from your eyes

Screens and monitors are part of our everyday lives. We encounter them everywhere, from our personal smart phones, desktop computers, tablets and movie theatres, sports games, airports, train stations and subways. Throughout the day, we tend to look at screens for long periods of time and we may work from handheld devices at much closer distances than we would read printed pages. Glare from screens can lead to eyestrain and computer vision syndrome. It’s recommended to position your computer screen at least an arm’s length away and hold handheld devices 16 inches away from your eyes.

Practice blinking more

Another result of extensive device use is that your blink rate tends to drop when you stare at text on a screen. Not blinking often enough can lead to dry, irritated eyes. Apply the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds and don’t forget to blink!

Drink green tea

Green tea is another great source of antioxidants which keep eyes healthy and defends them from cataracts and AMD development.

Always protect your eyes from danger

Always wear protective eyewear or safety goggles if your work requires eye protection and when working in the garden, doing home repairs or when dealing with strong cleaning substances such as bleach or oven cleaners.

Your eyes do a lot more for us than just our sight. It is very important that we take these steps to prolong our eye health. For more information about eye health, or our services at Mountain Eye Care, please feel free to continue browsing through our website.

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